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Premium Chess Set

Soft - Mouse Pad Style - Tournament Chessboard - 2.25" Squares

Soft Mouse Pad Style Tournament Chessboards are standard tournament size (20" x 20") with 2.25" individual squares and rounded corners. They are completely washable, will not crease or crinkle. Guaranteed to lie flat, no more turned up edges! Fits rolled up in our Deluxe Chess Bag.

Regulation Triple-Weighted Chess Pieces - 3.75in. King (with extra queens)

Deluxe Tournament Carrying Bag:

Scholastic Score Books

Scholastic players can now keep all of their games in one place in this traditional chess notation scorebook which holds 50 games, with 60 moves each game. The line spacing is twice as big than in the regular notation scorebooks because scholastic players tend to write larger. It also has space to put all of your tournament and game information. Each sheet is spiral-bound to make games easily accessible. A must for the "organized" scholastic tournament player so that he can have a record of his games for later analysis with his coach!

Digital Chess Clock

Excalibur Game Time II USCF Digital Game Clock · USCF Digital Game/Chess Clock · Black plastic with attractive contouring · 4 AA Alkaline batteries required · Measures 6 1/2" x 4" x 2 7/16"

Mate in One Chess Problems

Beginner Puzzle Book

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